Friday, January 8, 2010

#116: Hidden Fortress

(Akira Kurosawa, 1958)

Why won't anyone listen to Toshiro Mifune? Just like in the later film Sanjuro, Mifune has to deal with shitty guys that don't listen to him and fuck up his shit for two hours. If I met Toshiro Mifune and he was like, "Yo, I think we should go this way, and don't say anything," I would go that way and shut the fuck up.

The Hidden Fortress is Star Wars from the perspective of RJD2 and C3PO if instead of being robots they were dicks. It's also Star Wars if Star Wars was way more awesome and had less merchandising. While I still prefer three or four other Kurosawa movies, this is a fine action-adventure film that includes one of the most awesome Mifune scenes I've seen. The star rides after a couple of bad guy on horseback, sword drawn, and takes them down. Then he gets off the horse, surrounded by bad guys, and challenges another samurai to a duel. They have an awesome fight (with spears!) and Mifune wins (duh). This guy is fucking awesome. Listen to him.

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