Monday, January 18, 2010

#219: La Strada

(Federico Fellini, 1954)

La Strada is a movie in love with movies, and virtually everything about it seems to have been created with that in mind. It would be hard to envision this movie being made in quite the same way if Charlie Chaplin had never existed, as Giuletta Masina clearly references the tramp with her character here.

In general, actually, this movie constantly reminded me of silent films in both the characterizations and the simple story that is told. In fact, the story is so simple it is rarely explained in descriptions of the movie. The bare emotions, too, remind me of those films, and the ending of this movie is truly moving. While I would take 8 1/2 any day of the week, it's hard to deny the simple appeal of this film. Still, how was this movie as huge as it was? 1954 was obviously a different time, as a story like this would never find success today.

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