Saturday, January 9, 2010

#330: Au Revoir Les Enfants

(Louis Malle, 1987)

This is most likely the best film I've watched so far during this project. Au Revoir Les Enfants is a deeply moving depiction of a friendship, moments of regret and helplessness, and the tipping point when the real world comes crashing down into a childhood and turns boys into men before they are ready.

This movie also made me eager to watch other Malle films (I love Elevator to the Gallows and - that's right - My Dinner with Andre), including his documentaries released under the Eclipse banner.

I would probably have more to say about this one at a different time, maybe I'll come back to it. But right now, I just want to let it wash over me. The fact that it was loosely based on Malle's own childhood obviously makes it more intense, but it also makes the details and the tone of the film very real, and very moving. This isn't a movie that has been totally digested at the end of its running time. All in all, one of the best movies of the 80s, and maybe the best movie I have ever seen that is (loosely) related to the Holocaust.


  1. god, I totally forgot about this one. I watched it for a class in college and rememember it being incredibly personal yet powerful as well. is this one available for instant watching?

  2. Yeah, it's on watch instantly. I totally loved this movie.