Friday, May 7, 2010

#444: Le Plaisir

(Max Ophüls, 1952)

Probably my least favorite of the three Ophüls films I have watched so far, Le Plaisir is nevertheless a breezy yet moving exploration of love and lust that fits right in with the director's other films. Occasionally, the movie can be shockingly and effortlessly groundbreaking - most notably when the titular character in the final story, The Model, threatens suicide and the camera seamlessly merges with her POV as she ascends the stairs and jumps out of a window, crashing into the glass ceiling below.

Despite moments like this one of both technical and emotional beauty, the movie didn't pull me in as a whole, mostly because the second story (which makes up the bulk of the film) was not as interesting to me. But the movie is certainly worth seeing, and I'm very much looking forward to Lola Montes, Ophüls's full-color spectacle.

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